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We recently travelled over to the small bay of Porth Eilian on Anglesey to capture sunset but the weather was against us. This capture was taken late evening as a squall was coming in from out at sea, visible in the background, beyond the entrance to the bay.
I really enjoy visiting this small bay because it always has a tranquil feel to it but is also blessed with real vibrant colours that really appease the eye and make for a good photograph.
There is also a wonderful lighthouse called Trwyn Eilian (Point Lynas), which you can just see on the headland on the right of the image but on this occasion I didn’t want it to play a key part in the capture as I had set up low down to capture the seaweed as foreground interest, which would hopefully lead the eye into the tranquil waters of the bay and then onto the moody sky.

Porth Eilian

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