I took this photo on Colwyn Bay Beach one evening. The wind was up and it had real bite to it, to the point where the hat and gloves had to be put on. The tide was coming in really quickly so I did not have much time to ponder a composition.
However, I did choose this particular groyne and marker because I noticed there was real chaotic nature to the waves hitting the groyne, the tide was coming in at two directions; one from direct on to the groyne and the other way from the left of the groyne with both directions colliding in the area around the marker and groyne. It was fantastic to watch as the collision of the water flows created this wonderful chaotic drama, which felt like it was acting out in front of me so I could capture its performance.
  Yet I had to be mindful for my safety and equipment as the tide was coming in at a much faster rate to the left of the groyne from that of the right, so I had to keep an eye open that it wasn’t going to come over the top of the groyne from that direction and trap me. I did find I could get a few shots off before I had to re-position further back along the groyne, which I did on several occasions to allow me to create a serious of photos at various speeds. I was focusing on speeds between 0.5 of a second up to 8 seconds to see which best captured the chaotic nature of the incoming tide. To be honest even before I began shooting I thought I’d be choosing something between 0.5 seconds and 2 seconds for this particular scene and I did end up settling on this photo, which was exposed for 2 seconds but I wanted the longer exposures for potential future photo art projects.

Chaotic Tides

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