'The Roman Bridge' photographed in late autumn in the Penmachno area of Snowdonia. Also known as the ‘Packhorse Bridge’ it spans Afon Machno adjacent to the modern road bridge and was built in a classic Roman style but most likely dates to the 17th century. It is believed to lie on the course of a Roman road so it may have replaced an earlier roman bridge at some point in history. This possibility may have even influenced the classical style of its construction and it being referred to the Roman Road, throughout history.
Regarding the photograph; conditions were good, there was no wind and the river was flowing gently along its course, the sun was a little bright at times but I could offset the glare by reducing exposure compensation by two thirds of a stop. I managed to scramble out on to some wet rock that jutted out into the river, which allowed me to get a better angle of the bridge and I stayed there taking various shots for as long as I could bare the inevitable pain arising in my feet, which occurs when you don’t move for some time in such locations.

Roman Bridge in Autumn