Photographed at Dinas Dinlle, which is a fantastic beach located near Caernafon, there is also the remains of an Iron Age hillfort to see that has a world war two bunker cut into its base.
There was haze in the air, giving a slightly translucent glow to the sunlight that was catching the tops of the accumulating cloud beyond the Llŷn Peninsula. There was a force to the wind and though the tide was receding the waves were stilling crashing and breaking on the beach with raw power.
I spent probably around 40 minutes photographing, whilst the tide was in enough to get good shots of the waves breaking around the rocks.

Attached is one of the captures from the visit and this particular shot I wanted to capture an eye view of the water movement around the rocks as the waves broke, I ended up settling for a 56mm focal length, as it just framed the scene minutely better than 50mm, so I was near enough there.
I played around with the shutter speed over several shots but chose a one second capture as the best representative and in my opinion a the black and white process worked much better for this capture.

Dinas Dinlle Beach 'black and white'

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