Woodland has many faces; different times of the day reveal some of these faces, different levels of light, rain, mist and fog reveal others and of course different seasons such as autumn with the orange and golden hues and winter with bare branches, ice and snow!
The faces are endless and no two are ever the same. This is what attracts me to the forest the constant changing nature of woodland creates a world within a world and there is always something new to explore and photograph.

This photograph I took at a local forest; it was raining heavily and mist was lingering on the edges of trees and the light had a soft diffused feel about it. I decided that a single shot would best suit and adjusted the exposure compensation against the brighter highlights at the top of the composition and also to increase the shutter speed to compensate for the breeze. Then it was just a case of waiting for the best combination of light and mist.

Rain Forest

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