It really was a case of ‘Hello my old friend’ It’s been so long since I visited my favourite stretch of coast and here, I was, I was back!

It was breathtaking; there was a strong cold breeze, the tide was coming in and getting a little angrier with each passing of time, all was set up for a good evening of photography. Then what looked like a squall began to blow in from the west, which threatened to put a dampener on my golden hour photography but luckily it added to and enhanced to the experience; there were breaks and different depths to the cloud that added different components and interest to the scene.

Nothing was going to spoil this evening and nothing did, I fired off an excessive number of shots throughout the evening and as always I listened to that voice I always hear, beckoning me into the sea and I responded as I always do, ‘Not today but I’ll be back soon'. Then I turned my back and walked away!

Sunset at Aberffraw