The Thre Graces define one of the most beautiful skylines in the UK if not the world and are part of a World Heritage Status. The Three Graces consist of the Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building and they situate themselves on Liverpool?s Pier Head. These majestic buildings were conceived and constructed as visible symbols of Liverpool?s international prestige, proud emblems of its commercial prowess. The Royal Liver Building the jewel in the crown, adorned by two Liver Birds, is the city?s signature landmark. The Liver birds are the city?s emblem and you?ll find them dotted across Liverpool?s precious architecture. The tale of the two Liver Birds relates to the city?s maritime heritage. The Liver bird that looks over the Mersey River is said to represent the wives who stay at home and look out to their sailor husbands out at sea and the Liver Bird that looks over the city represents these sailors out at sea, looking back over to the city and their family. Local legend has it that if the two birds were ever fly away, Liverpool would cease to exist. Liverpool Waterfront in recent years has seen a large increase in modern architecture yet there is still so much of its older character and spirit visible in its urban landscape. This digitally enhanced photograph in creating an antique plate effect, tries to capture the spirit of Liverpool's 'Where Old meets New'

Three Graces, Liverpool

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