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Gwenfaen's Pillar captured at sunset on a cold January day. The wind was cold and brisk and tide was rising quickly; there was an energetic atmosphere to the place as the sound of the sea was reverberating around the cliff faces.
Did you know that there are a couple of stories behind why this rock stack was called Gwenfaen's pillar. The one I prefer is that a 6th century saint named Gwenfaen was chased from the hermitage at Rhoscolyn and sought refuge from her druidic pursuers on the pillar and as the tide rose and threatened to sweep her away angels came down and carried her off to heaven. 
The other story told was that Gwenfaen was chased by Vikings and sought refuge on the pillar and was also carried off by angels but that would have been at least 300 to 400 years later as the Norse did not arrive in the Irish Sea region until the around the 9th century. 

Gwenfaen's Pillar

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