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It was 10.30 pm and in golden hour when we arrived at Vik Beach. The both of us were well and truly tired at this point as we had been photographing at several different locations throughout the day. As we arrived I’d noted a camper in a lay-by on the other side of the beach to where we had parked so I didn’t think there would be too many people about and to our luck the beach was empty so we had it to ourselves. I love it when that happens because I can really tune into my surrounding when there are no other people about, well other than Lynne but we are always together so that does not count. I like to get a feel for the place first before I consider photographing so decided to walk the length and breadth of the beach just soaking in the atmosphere then I came across this mark in the sand created by the receding tide that resembled a tree, immediately I thought of Yggdrasil; the eternal green ash and the tree of life in Norse Mythology. The light and reflections were fantastic and the rolling mist around the mountains in the distance added interest to the back ground so I had to a capture it and decided to call it ‘The Mark of Yggdrasil’

The Mark of Yggdrasil

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