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This photograph was taken from an elevated position looking out and across a small beach to Twr Mawr Lighthouse. It was a really changeable day, squalls were coming in on the hour; one minute you found yourself in a mini storm, the next the wind would die down, the rain would stop and then the cloud would break to a bright sun. I found the periods in the latter part of the build up to a squall coming in, the best time to shoot; the contrast would dim a little as the sun became subdued by the cloud, the wind would whip up and the sea come crashing into the beach. I thought it would make a perfect long exposure photograph and using a Kase CPL and 10 stop ND filter I exposed this shot for 25 seconds, which I am more than happy with the expected result.

Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, Wales, UK.

The Sun Breaking through at Twr Mawr Lighthouse

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