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The photograph was captured at a 27 mm focal length on a 16-35 Zeiss lens at F11 IS0 50 and exposed for 59 seconds at sunset with what looked like the mother of all storms heading my way.
We?d gone to Aberffraw coast over on the west side of Anglesey, the stretch of coast near to Porth Cwyfan. The wind was gusting at speeds in excess 50 mph; the tide was coming in really quickly, the waves were huge and growing and there were a few occasions where I had to run for my life. To be honest I didn?t think I would get any clear shots but I set my Manfrotto 190 tripod really low, it?s a heavy tripod so it did the trick as most of the shots were in focus.
It turned out to a be great evening out as there is nothing more exhilarating than a stormy sea for me and to catch one at sunset was a real bonus, so I went home happy but a little salted from the spray.

Apocalyptic Sunset

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