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Light will always shine through! 
The day had started with dark skies and heavy rain, and the forecast for the rest of the day wasn?t much better, but not letting that be an excuse not to go out and take photographs, we decided to go the coast for high tide, where more times than not you find the weather is different to that of inland. We decided on a second visit to Dinas Dinlle, and yes, the weather was different; on top of the heavy rain there was a really strong wind, but also a little hope, as soft light was starting to come through the clouds. After a time of playing with shutter speeds and aperture settings to create moody abstracts and minimalist captures.
I chose this capture as my minimalist shot for the day, I really like the way the sun rays that had just broke from the clouds was catching the top of the surf. It suggests hope, peace and happiness every time I look at it.


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