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We’d arrived early at the lake, I knew where I was setting up to shoot sunset but I wanted plenty of time to dial in the best settings as I could because the dynamic range here can be problematic with the bright sky and reflecting water contrasting against the dark green and brown hues of the forest, surrounding hills and mountains, I didn’t want to compensate with bracketing, I wanted to nail it in one shot.
Another consideration was that though the clouds were broken, they were dark and heavy which would change the light considerably as they interacted with the setting sun but I was ready, and it was just a case of firing off shots as the sun made it's decent and making minor adjustments for the changing light so I sat back and watched the act play out, and it was a wonderful show!

Llynnau Mymbyr is two lakes joined lakes near Capel Curig next to Moel Siabod with a wonderful view of Snowdon Mountain to the southwest.

Sunset at Llynnau Mymbyr

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